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Tuesday 11.55am

From the home of Jessica,

Hi Fellow Independent Girls,

Girls Guess What, you DON'T have to have stunning model looks, you DON'T have to have the perfect body, you DON'T need fake boobs, you DON'T even need the most charming personality, ORDINARY GIRLS like me are earning huge SIX FIGURE incomes everyday in this industry, stripping, lapdancing, adult entertainer, exotic dancer, call it what you will, and by learning from my experience you can too.

I would describe myself as average looking, maybe even plane Jane'ish, anyone can become a stripper, You can easily learn how to act and what to say..

Hi my name is Jessica Simmonds, I am a full time stripper who earns on average $1000+ per night, I work a four day week. (I must state this is an average of my income taken over a month, some nights you can earn nothing and other nights can be really high, but on the whole I regularly average this income on a nightly basis)

Just TWO years ago, I was working in an office, confined within four walls with no windows, doing a job where I didn't really have to think, which wasn't challenging my mind, basically I was bored to tears and would dread monday mornings, ever feel like that?

On top of that, having worked a 6 day week I couldn't even pay my bills on time and have enough money left over to have a good standard of living. I was living in a 400 square foot basement apartment in London which without going into too much detail was not a desirable place to live.

I knew there was more to life. I was reasonably smart, reasonably ok looking, yet how come I was only just managing to get by? I asked myself. I was searching for answers.

I wanted to earn enough money to enjoy life, buy clothes and shoes that I had only dreamed of, a flashy convertible sports car maybe, eat good organic food, buy a nice apartment and be proud of my myself and my achievements.

"this is the actual view I now wake up to everyday from my Marina Condo, a lot different from the basement I lived in just 2 years ago"
I share this with you not to gain sympathy,
but to tell that I really was just an ordinary
girl trying to get by.

A totally Chance meeting with a
quietly spoken grey haired gentleman..

Then one day out of the blue, I got talking to a customer at work, a grey haired softly spoken unassuming man, he said he owned several strip clubs and that the girls could earn upto $4000 IN ONE NIGHT ..., and that it was totally ethical i.e. within a safe environment in a great upscale club.

As you can imagine I was hugely sceptical. Now, I had only ever even been in a strip club once before with some friends on a night out, but that was about it!

Within in the next few weeks questions keep going through my mind like...

Do girls really earn this money or was this just b.s?
Was I good looking enough?
Was it safe?
What would my boyfriend think?
What if my family ever found out?
How do I even get started at this?
I could talk to guys but what would be expected of me?
Was I expected to do things that I didn't want to?
How do I get paid?
How do I get into this industry?
What are the hours / shifts like?
What are the other girls like?

I was so excited I didn't sleep the whole night..

I remember it as it was yesterday, it was 4.35pm on Saturday afternoon when I made the decision after much debating, I decided to give it a go and take it from there, afterall, what did I have to loose.

I went to a basic audition, and more or less started working the following week.
I thought I would make loads of money easy, and even though its not that difficult once I show you how, I actually came home on the first night owing the club money.

I'll describe this in detail latter but you normally pay a house fee to the club, as I had made only a small amount of money on my first night I actually ended up owing them!

I actually came home the first night owing the club money. ...Yes, owing them money! I Just Had enough in my purse for Cab fare!

Fortunately I worked out some things along the way, see anyone can learn how to be great at this, I was an absolute rookie. You just need to know what to say, how to say it and who to to say it to. You can make a great income, it is totally ethical, you wont have to do anything you don't want to. In fact I was very surprised and re-assured how professional most clubs are run. I was also surprised to learn that to make a great living as a professional stripper is a lot more than just taking your clothes off.

You can work part time as a stripper, this job is really flexible, you can even work 2 nights a week and still earn $2000+, leaving you plenty of time to goto college OR look after your kids..

One of the really great things about this job is the flexibility of the hours, yet it can still pay really well. You can work 2 nights or 4 nights or 7 nights if you wish, the choice is yours. Or you can work for 3 months and take 3 months off. This can really suit you if you are at college, have children to look after, or just to get some quick money together. I find 2 nights a week suits me personally and then I take the rest of the week off.

Being able to earn this amount of money quickly without any previous experience is quite unique to this job, you can quickly pay of debts, save up for college fees or buy the home of your dreams..

I don't know of any other job that pays you cash at the end of every night, which is as flexible as this in the hours. Also you can earn as little or as much as you desire and you don't need to have had any previous experience, it really doesn't take long to work up to a really decent income if you do it right. In fact, after I started I began making really good money after just 2-3weeks.

Like most things in life stripping combines the art of beauty with science. Human behavior and communication skills have their part to play and I can teach how to know what to say. Some men will be out with business associates, others are just winding down after a long week and the like and just in need of some companionship. Knowing how to handle different people is the key, all this can be learnt quickly and easily.

The key is you if you treat this industry like a professional you will earn respect and admiration and feel really proud of yourself.

"you can afford the luxuries in life,
it was a great feeling to drive this brand new Porsche out of the dealership.

Some Insider Tips to get you started..

Insider Tip 1. getting started

Most clubs hold weekly auditions for club dancers. All you have to do is telephone the club that your interested in, tell them that your interested in working in their club as a dancer, ask them what time and day they hold auditions.

Don't worry that you don't have any experience as most girls who start have never worked in anything like this before. You will be expected to dance topless for about 2 or 3 songs. Practice a simple routine in the mirror beforehand.

Even better visit the club a couple of times beforehand to get a feel for the place, the type of dance routines, and the style of dresses girls wear. Remember its quite dark in most clubs so don't worry too much about small flaws.

Take your own dress and high heels preferably 3inch. You can buy all this cheap on ebay if you need to. If your offered the position ask if there's a contract if so take the contract away with you and read through it thoroughly so you understand it and are happy with it, it also tells what you can and cant do....Remember most clubs like a good variety of girls its better for them and its better for you.

Insider Tip 2. How a club is setup

The general set up in most clubs is there's usually a overall general manager, but the person your most likely to be dealing with is the 'house mom'.

The house mom usually is in charge of day to day managing of the girls i.e. how they look, how they behave etc. Then there's usually a floor host who meets and greets customer and shows them to their table. Other than that there's bar staff, security staff and sometimes waiting staff.

When I have a good night I always make a point to share and tip everyone from the house mom to the floor hosts, very important as floor hosts get to know the big spenders and point them in your direction next time.

Insider Tip 3. The physcology to success

I know gorgeous looking girls who haven't earned a penny at the end of the night, I know average looking girls who go home with a stash of thousands of dollars in their hands night after night.

Whats the difference, the psychology or the mind-set of the the person. This involves your own psychology i.e. how you think and communicate with yourself, and the knowing the mind-set of your customer.

To succeed outside you must first win the own game in your mind first. I can teach how I changed my own beliefs and how you can copy my system to earn yourself a great living.

Insider Tips 4. Mirroring Body Language

Mirroring is when you are almost copying someone else while you are communicating with them. This is not done in an obvious way but done subtly so that you and your customer are in similar postures and are talking to each other in the same type of language , style and tone of voice.

If you successfully mirror you will get customers to instantly bond with you, they will like you and you will be able to influence them more easily.

Let me explain that further. Have you ever seen two people who have been together for a long time that they almost look the same? Well this is because they have been around each other for so long they copy each other’s body language. This is a sign that they feel very comfortable around each other.

For example, whilst talking to someone, watch if they have their arms crossed, have their hands in their pockets or do they wave their hands around? Mirror their style, if they have their hands in their pockets and lean against a table, you do the same. You'll be surprised to find you will instantly get on with people better.

Insider Tip 5. How to look busy and get the ball rolling

Sometimes, especially at the beginning of the evening it can take some time for the customers to come in and the club to fill up. You really have to keep up your momentum and keep your state of mind alert and upbeat. Try not to let customers see you sitting around or engrossed in conversation with other girls. Men and people in general want what others want, its a kind of scarcity mentality i.e. if supply is limited, demand increases. If you are sitting around doing nothing, the customers may think there is a reason for it.

If its quiet and there are not many customers in sight, go hang around the dressing room for a while and then re-appear a little while latter, this will give the illusion that you have been in demand with a customer and are really busy. This works very well.

Some times I may offer a free dance or a two-for-one dance if its quiet, the other customers dont know the deal and you can appear busy when others aren't. This again has the knock on effect that other customers will want to spend their time and money with you.

Okay Jessica, this is all very exciting but why are you willing to share ALL this with me?

Simply because of something which occurred to me when I taught some of the girls I work with a couple of the techniques I was using. They copied some of my methods and simply duplicated them. They started to achieve the exact same results as I was getting. It got me thinking. What I do works very, very well for me and the girls I've taught it to.... it can also work for you too.

It doesn't effect my income at all if I teach it to you as we're not competing against each other, there really is enough for everyone. I can only work in one club at a time in one part of the world. It seemed silly to me to have something which could make you $1000+ every night fairly easily and just to sit on it because I'm only able to work in one club in one area at a time.

I have Poured all my Knowledge into a Step by Step handbook guide called
'7 Step Strip Success' ..

this course is packed with everything you need to know from beginner to advanced level

so you can learn from Total Beginner and
start making money quickly..

OR even if your already stripping this can
Raise your game to a whole New Level..

This is not a get rich quick scheme or some pretty booklets with lots of fancy graphics, but is a simple yet effective step by step guide to becoming a successful stripper based on real life experience.

It will save you years in time, effort and money but you have to be committed and really absorb like a sponge what I have to share with you, unfortunately I can't literally do it for you.

I only wish there had been a simple step by step guide like'7 Step Strip Success' when I got started and had to learn through trial and error. Basically I walk you through all the steps from the beginning, how to get into the industry, the auditions, the first night, how to handle rejection, what to say, how to work less and earn more, champagne/VIP rooms etc.

It's like looking over my shoulder and seeing exactly what I do everyday to earn $1000+ every night.

Anyone one can give you advice or you could go it alone, but when do you get the chance to learn from someone like me actually living and working as a successful stripper. This is not some manual written by someone in theory or in the classroom, this is straight from the horses mouth as it happens for me on a day to day basis. Would you learn how to drive a car without an instructor? If you will allow me I would love to be your coach.

I'll be honest I want you to succeed,
my reputation depends on it..

I've probably made every mistake anyone possibly could but I learned from each one and keep trying different things until I got it right.

What does the '7 Step Strip Success' handbook guide cover:

1) The Psychology Of a Successful Stripper
2) Choosing The Right Club & Auditions
3) Starting Working - Your First Week
4) (i) How To Start Making Money
...(ii) How To Make Even Bigger Money
5) Other Girls In The Club
6) Drinking & Rules
7) Management
Other Useful Information & Resources

What does this mean for you,

  • Learn how to get into stripping quickly and easily, and start earning today.

  • Use my knowledge to save you time and frustration trying to work it out yourself.

  • Start paying off your debts quicker and start living the life you deserve quicker.

  • Learn how to do things properly, keep safe and have fun.

  • Avoid costly mistakes by upsetting customers or management

  • Learn how to work smarter rather than harder, giving you more free time
    & freedom

  • Learn a skill thats yours for life, that you can use anytime, anywhere around the world to make money when you need it.

But Wait...There's more...


(while I still have the time to offer this, once I have more students that I can handle I will withdraw this bonus from this website...so act fast)
For a limited time only, as I only can only handle a limited number of students, I am offering 3 months email access to me one on one(60 minutes of total email response time from me). That means if there is anything you don't understand or any questions you have, you can email me directly. It's like having me right there by yourside with you, to answer your personal questions so you can make money quickly and lots of it.

I can tell you that the 200 or more girls that I have mentored through this email with me one on one have benefited the most, they are now in the industry and making good money. (This bonus alone is worth its weight in gold!)

Okay Jessica, I want to do this, Tell me, what do I do next and whats the cost?

Well it's all very straight forward.... that's the way I like things and I'm sure you would too.
And don't worry, I'm not going to ask you for anything like the £12,997 it cost me to train myself all about this business.

Instead I've decided the fairest way of doing this is to invite you to learn this
for FAR LESS than you can make in a single night....

So for you to be Privately taught by me, so I can share my knowledge with you to make $1,000+ Per Night for yourself, you could even begin this weekend.

Lets just keep it simple and the cost low. In fact the price I've set is just $47, not bad for a system which like me you can make an average of $1,000 per night. Stripping can really give you money and freedom, no more having to work 5 or 6 days a week in something you don't enjoy just to cover your bills.

And YES that INCLUDES EVERYTHING I've mentioned:

...........Handbook Guide
FREE BONUS...........
(available if you Order today while I can still offer this free bonus to a limited number of students-normal value of this at least $300)

No Quibble, No Fuss, Rock Solid.. 30 day Money Back Guarantee
Let me take this one step further. As a consultant I have my reputation on the line. Because your trusting me with your time and confidence I insist you order entirely at my risk.
That's why the '7 Step Strip For Success' handbook guide comes with a
Risk- Free, 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee. There's absolutely NO RISK on your part.
Why am I going to such great lengths?....Even though I've tried and tested this course with many students, I want you to feel there's no way you can "get taken", after all its my reputation on the line. If for any reason, even if you don't like the paper its printed on, just post it back to me and I'll give you a full no quibble refund.

Well it's over to you...

As I said from the start, I'm not trying to impress you but trying to impress upon you that my $1,000 income per night, luxury marina style condo apartment and incredible lifestyle are REAL...not some figment of my imagination.....and its all thanks to the income I earn daily from stripping.

The same things I do on a daily basis are all in the '7 Strip For Success' home study course so you can follow them and earn yourself upto $1,000 per night and provide you with a lifestyle others envy like crazy!....

So with that in mind, SECURE your copy of '7 Step Strip For Success' and get started straight away, otherwise remember the saying 'someday becomes noday'. If you order now I can guarantee you the free bonus 3 month Email access where I can give you one to one coaching and answer all of your personal questions, this is only for a limited time as I am limited to the number of students I can personally handle, and so that you don't miss out on this.

I wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing about your success.
Yours for a wealthier life

Jessica Simmonds (your coach)



It's really easy and straighforward to order, to protect your privacy nothing will be sent to you in the post, so go ahead and order your copy now by clicking on the button below, once you've paid you will be sent a link to download your handbook instantly..

Yes Jessica, I would like to learn all about '7 Step Strip Success' and start investing in my future today. I would like my Handbook Guide, and if I order today I get my FREE Bonus 3 Month Email Access to you, all for just $47.
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Yes Jessica, I would like to learn all about '7 Step Strip Success' and start investing in my future today. I would like my Handbook Guide, and if I order today I get my FREE Bonus 3 Month Email Access to you, all for just $47
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works on both MAC and PC computers


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