“Raise your Income to a whole New Level, Learn how You Can Join the Top 5% of  Strippers who Earn at least $1000+ Per Night on average and ALWAYS manage to Get into the Champagne Rooms!”

top earning stripper reveals how YOU can double what you take home
by just knowing what to say... how to say it and who to say it to….
...even if you are not the prettiest, cleverest or have the best body!

(and it works with any girl, in any club in any country)

Tuesday 11.55am

From the home of Jessica,

Hi Fellow Dancers,

Over the next few minutes I am going to reveal to you how you can take home 1000’s a night, or at least double what you are taking home within a few short weeks……yes it is possible and girls are doing it every night (even with the credit crunch!)

what I will teach you is based on how a man thinks...

My name is Jessica Simmonds. I am a full time stripper who earns on average $1000+ every night. For simplicity that’s about $1000+ a night 4 nights a week for 10 months. (My income varies from night to night, these figures are based on averages taken from a overall month)

I can assure you that I am not anything special to look at – in fact I am quite ordinary and plain janish. My body is also not perfect (I am ashamed to admit but I have some cellulite and even stretchmarks)

I also do not work in a club where all the girls make money, in fact most go home with very little or in debt.

I can teach any girl how to make 1000’s every night, even if you don’t have champagne rooms... just by doing multiple dances

What you are about to read will excite you beyond belief and will fill your purse up with cash…

What  I learnt is able to give me a stable income even if it varies on a day to day basis….What I take home every month overall is very very regular income.

"When I Started, on my
first Night I Barely made
enough money to cover my Cab Fare home...

I Now regularyly take home $1,000+ every night"

"this is the actual view I now wake up to everyday from my Marina Condo, a lot different from the basement I lived in just 2 years ago"

When I started working, I used to get so frustrated and spend a lot of time in the dressing room... sometimes I just couldn’t face going out on to the floor... another rejection…

Other times I would sit at the bar and watch other girls making money. Usually these were the same girls night after night.

I wanted other girls to watch me go in the champagne room, it just wasn’t fair. I would get rejected most of the time when all I was asking for was a dance, but these other girls were getting the customers to spend $1000’s every night for just entertaining them.

It was by sheer luck...... one night I ended up in the rarely seen champagne room with the top earning stripper in my club and was able to see close up what she was doing differently to me. And it was all totally respectable!

"my eyes were Opened Up……No one taught us this……
I knew I could do what she was doing... and earn myself $1000’s"

She was very secretive about what she did so I had to learn by watching and sometimes I wouldn’t earn money all night to just watch her. As I never got into the champagne room again it was quite difficult!

I tried asking her if she would teach me but with no help – she didn’t need the competition.

I have found the top girls in this industry are very hush-hush and do not reveal their secrets openly..

So I just carried on watching and I also started to read psychology books. I was Especially interested in the way Men think.

I got so into it that I even attended human behaviour courses! I used to learn from all these courses and go back to work to practice all these new techniques – most of which I had never heard of....it was only when I pieced all this info together that I started going home ecstatic with my Purse Overflowing with cash.

I started getting customers to take me for dances or the champagne room and I wasn’t even their type!

After a Year of working 6 days a week, I regularly started seeing big money….it became easy. I was either doing multiple dances or in the champagne room.

I worked in 2 other clubs as well because I wanted to see if all these things worked in any place – to my surprise I found it did. I worked in two different countries aswell ( UK and Miami) so was able to see if there were any continental differences

I have tested my methods in USA and UK and guess what...men seem to be men and my methods can work in any country...

I knew that any girl could learn these skills and start earning more money. For an experiment I would teach some girls my methods and saw their income rise to More Than Double!

other girls started asking me what was I doing to earn all this money.....

Once I had taught these other girls, practically every girl in the club was begging me to teach them. Some even offered to pay me half of what they made for a month.

Before knowing this info, I used to go home frustrated and hardly have ant money. What I know Is universal because it relies on human nature and how men think so it will be relevant in any country, any club  and with any guy...

It is so heartbreaking when I used to see other girls making money easily in the champagne room or doing multiple dances while I was sitting at the bar or in the dressing room.

With these techniques that I now use, I am able to go to work relaxed knowing that I will earn a lot of money, Obviously the money differs on a day to day basis but I am able to avarage similar amounts every month.

"there is nothing different about the girls who take home $1000's every night most of us started of just like you ….

but there are methods that I can teach you and
Raise YOUR Income Through the Roof!"

Life became so much easier. I got a great car, a fabulous home (as you can see in the picture) and have no debt. Best of all I was able to buy whatever I wanted. I was able to treat my family to new holidays and also save for my business.

Like most things in life stripping combines the art of beauty with science. Human behavior and communication skills have their part to play and I can teach you what to say and how to say it.

Some men will be out with business associates, others are just winding down after a long week and the like and just in need of some companionship.

Knowing how to handle different people and adapt your style is the key, all this can be learnt quickly and easily...
"you can afford the luxuries in life,
it was a great feeling to drive this brand new Porsche out of the dealership."

The key is you if you treat this industry like a professional you will earn respect and admiration and feel really proud of yourself.

Okay Jessica, this is all sounds great,
So why are you Sharing your secrets with other girls?

Because if I taught you all these things that I learnt , You will also have the kind of money that will make your life fabulous. By me teaching you my techniques it does not create any competition for me as theres more than enough money to go around for us all.

What I do works very, very well for me and the girls I've taught it to.... it can also work for you too.

I can only work in one club at a time in one part of the world. It seemed silly to me to have something which could make you up to $1,000+ every night fairly easily and just to sit on it because I'm only able to work in one club in one area at a time.

What bothers me, is that most girls do not have access to this kind of information as we usually are just thrown in the job without any training. Most girls just give up.

It was this that got me thinking that I will Pour all my knowledge in anwrite a course for strippers/exotic dancers

We earn more money than most doctors but yet do not get any training! And where do we find this information?...

I mean when I was doing research before I learnt what to do I couldn’t find much. And what I did find was not very good.

Learn how to WORK LESS and MAKE MORE money..

You will become the top earning stripper in your club. Other girls will want to know what you are doing that will increase your pay. Just like you used to wonder what it is they do to earn big money they will be wondering about you.

You will also start loving work and enjoying it as you will be earning money while your customer had a great night.

You will also get your customer returning again. This will make your quiet nights busier and you having to work less to earn more

Everyday you go to work at the moment you are losing money and becoming more frustrated, even when you do get a customer you are leaving money on the table as you may not know how to get him to give you more.

The money you will be earning will give you the life where you don’t have to worry and can buy yourself luxuries. You will also be able to get the money you need which made you start stripping in the first place.

I have Poured all my Knowledge into a
Step by Step handbook guide called

This course covers all the steps to make money at an ADVANCED level.

I personally will walk you thorugh :

What to say and how to say it to the RIGHT customer to make more money
How to convince your customer to have multiple dances or go in the champagne room
How to deal with the difficult customers ( you know the ones who want to take you home!)
How to get regular customers
Learn what 5% of the top strippers know and won’t tell you
How to keep yourself busy even on the quiet nights
Learn the psychology that will have customers wanting to spend time with you and give you money….and they won’t know why
Have other girls watching and asking YOU how you make the big money

I'll be honest I want you to succeed,
my reputation depends on it..

I only wish there had been a simple step by step guide like'7 Step Strip Success' when I got started and had to learn through trial and error. Basically I walk you through all the steps what to say, how to work less and earn more and how to become a regular in the champagne/VIP rooms and be the envy of all the other girls.

"once you learn what’s in this course, girls will be watching YOU with envy earn money in the champagne/vip rooms.."

Anyone one can give you advice or you could go it alone, but when do you get the chance to learn from someone like me actually living and working as a successful stripper. This is not some manual written by someone in theory or in the classroom, this is straight from the horses mouth as it happens for me on a day to day basis. Would you learn how to drive a car without an instructor? If you will allow me I would love to be your coach.

But Wait...There's more...


(while I still have the time to offer this, once I have more students that I can handle I will have to withdraw this bonus from this website...so act fast)

For a limited time only, as I only can only handle a limited number of students, I am offering 3 months email access to me one on one (60 minutes of total email response time from me).

it's almost as if you are looking over my shoulder...

That means if there is anything you don't understand or any questions you have, you can email me directly. It's like having me right there by yourside with you, to answer your personal questions so you can make money quickly and lots of it.

(I can tell you, that the 200 or more girls that I have mentored through this email with me one on one have benefited the most, they have followed the advice, changed their methods and are finally making good money. This bonus alone is worth its weight in gold!)

Okay Jessica, I want to do this, Tell me, what do I do next and whats the cost?

Well it's all very straight forward.... that's the way I like things and I'm sure you would too.
And don't worry, I'm not going to ask you for anything like the £12,997 it cost me to train myself all about this business.

Instead I've decided the fairest way of doing this is to invite you to learn this
for FAR LESS than you can make in a single day....

So for you to be Privately taught by me, so I can share my knowledge with you to make upto $1,000+ Per Night for yourself, you could even begin this weekend.

Lets just keep it simple and the cost low. In fact the price I've set is just $47, not bad for a system which like me you can make an average of $1,000+ per night. Stripping can really give you money and freedom, no more having to work 5 or 6 days a week in something you don't enjoy just to cover your bills.

I wanted to make it affordable for you so you can buy it now when you need it, but the information in here is so valuable it would not usually be able to be bought.

And YES that INCLUDES EVERYTHING I've mentioned..

Handbook Guide
....FREE BONUS...............
(normal value $300)

(available if you Order today while I can still guarantee
this free bonus to a limited number of students)

No Quibble, No Fuss, Rock Solid.. 30 day Money Back Guarantee
Let me take this one step further. As a consultant I have my reputation on the line. Because your trusting me with your time and confidence I insist you order entirely at my risk.
That's why the '7 Step Strip Success' handbook guide comes with a
Risk- Free, 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee. There's absolutely NO RISK on your part.

Why am I going to such great lengths?....Even though I've tried and tested this course with many students, I want you to feel there's no way you can "get taken", after all its my reputation on the line. If for any reason, even if you don't like the paper its printed on, just post it back to me and I'll give you a full no quibble refund.




It's really easy and straighforward to order, to protect your privacy nothing will be sent to you in the post, so go ahead and order your copy now by clicking on the button below, once you've paid you wil be given a link to download your handbook instantly.

Yes Jessica, I would like to learn all about '7 Step Strip Success' and start investing in my future today. I would like my Handbook Guide, and if I order today I get my FREE Bonus 3 Month Email Access to you, all for just $47
Click button below to Order and Instantly Download Now!

works on both MAC and PC computers

I look forward to hearing your success stories.
Yours To A Wealthier life!

Jessica Simmonds
(your coach)

P.S.  Remember – you get my full “Strip for Success” course which will teach you how to at least double the money you make from stripping. This is totally RISK FREE with a 100% 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, NO RISK ON YOUR PART!

P.P.S This easy step by step system will teach you how to choose the right customer and how to talk to him... what to say...how to say it, so that YOU will make at least DOUBLE the money you make now. These are TOP EARNING STRIPPER’S INSIDERS TIPS.  These tips will work with any girl, in any club and in any country.

P.P.P.S.  Since I will be giving YOU INDIVIDUAL EMAIL SUPPORT with me one on one, order today and I will guarantee you a place, as I can only handle a certain number of students this offer can be withdrawn as soon as the email classes are filled.

Yes Jessica, I would like to learn all about '7 Step Strip Success' and start investing in my future today. I would like my Handbook Guide, and if I order today I get my FREE Bonus 3 Month Email Access to you, all for just $47
Click button below to Order and Instantly Download Now!

works on both MAC and PC computers


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