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requently Asked Questions

I am a stripper already, don’t I know this already?

I would say about 95% of the girls who are working as a stripper, don’t use a lot of my methods and are therefore not earning the type of money that they should be. I must tell you to earn more money you have to keep learning new techniques that make you more polished with your work. Even if you have been doing this for 10 years – you can learn new techniques that will bring you more money and give you an new zest for your job.

I don’t think I am pretty/ attractive enough?

I have said it before and I will say it again, You do not have to even be pretty. You will become that when you have all your make-up on – you just have to have a toned body.

Will I have to Do anything I am not happy with?

Stripping has really become a respectable profession in most places an you should not have to tolerate any kind of abuse. Most strippers are intelligent women just earning money for university or a business/family. You will be surprised at the calibre of women you meet.

Is there really things I can do/say that could meke me more money? I thought it was just luck!

It is true that there are certain ways you can handle yourself and the customer which will bring you money. I explain in my manual how to say things and the way to say it. I also explain how to keep the customer with you and keep paying. Even the way you dress determines the amount of money you make. I would say there are about 50 things that you could do that will bring you more money- Even  I miss some of them sometimes!. I am also learning new techniques that will be given to you as I update the information.

Do I have to pay with paypal or can I just pay with my credit card?

You can pay by paypal if you wish and have a paypal account.

However if you do not want to pay with paypal and you want to pay with your credit card you can.

Take a look at the video clip below to walk you through it:

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